Spoiled Dog Pet Salon - Full Service Dog Grooming.
Dog Grooming includes: Massage and Bath, Blow Dry, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Hair Trimming and Finishing.

Salon Grooming Services

At The Spoiled Dog Salon we offer full service pet grooming on a by appointment basis. This ensures that your pet is attended to in a timely manner and ready to go home within two to three hours of
their arrival.

All pets are groomed to breed and owner specifications, beginning with a relaxing and thorough bath using a high pressure, high volume soap and water system that feels like a massaging bath to your pet. We use only high quality Show Season® products.

All pets are completely blown dry by hand, no cage dryers are used. Cotton is placed in each pet’s ears during the drying process for their comfort and protection. Force drying by hand provides a nicer overall finish for the grooming process.

Our Pet Groomers:

Melinda Carlson

Charles Patterson

Pat Biggers

Jordan Queen

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